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About Us

It gives us great pleasure in welcoming you to our organization, through this website.

Movek International Limited is based in Nagoya, which is in the central region of Japan. We started this company with the long-term vision of expanding our operations worldwide and working towards achieving our goals. By giving us the opportunity to gain your business, you have placed your trust in us; so we are very grateful for that. We continually strive to give the best value for your hard-earned money.

Our vehicles are sourced from auctions and through franchise dealers in and around Nagoya. The main difference here is: at the auctions, one has to pay the market price, according to the quality of the vehicle; but at the franchise dealers, we are able to negotiate the best value for money. If you can spare the time for the process, let us handpick your car; you decide the make/model/year, etc.

From my own professional and personal experience, I am fully aware that trust is a major part of our business – especially when it comes to selling a product to a client who does not see it physically, until it reaches you. When we launched the company, one of the first things established and instilled in our staff was to provide the best value for money, thus developing and maintaining a rapport with you – our valued client.

All vehicles are thoroughly checked by our team of mechanics and are sold on an "as is" basis. Vehicles are checked for roadworthiness – prior to being sold and if any malfunctions are found, they are attended to, before exporting. Our Spare Parts Division will attend to any parts you may need for vehicles purchased through us.

To us at Movek, it is important that you are satisfied with the vehicle we have sourced for you. Giving an exact picture of what is available to suit any budget is our aim. Providing all necessary information pertaining to the vehicle (prior to the sale), shipping the vehicle on time with all the relevant documentation, tracking and tracing the whereabouts of the vessel that is carrying your newly acquired asset and making sure you are aware what needs to be done at your end to clear the shipment are all part of our value-added service that we provide with pride.

We urge you to try us once: you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our vehicles and also our efficiency and superior, friendly service, which is second to none! We take pride in serving you.