Vehicle Quality Checks

How to Buy

Buying a used vehicle from Japan is only 5 steps away!

Step 1 – Select and Order

Order a car

1.      Search and order your car from

2.      Your proforma invoice will be sent to your via email.

Please ensure that your contact details (street address, email address, telephone number and fax number [if available]) are correct. These details will be used to forward documentation.

**Please advise us if you wish to amend any information to the invoice prior to finalizing same**

Step 2 – Payment

Make payment as shown on your proforma invoice

1.                Decide most convenient one of the 2 payment methods preferred by us, i.e., Telegraphic Transfer or Western Union (for further details, click <<FAQ What is Movek's payment method?>>

2.                Send the payment to the account given below.

*Note: The Bank may charge a transfer fee when you remit money to us.

3.                Send the copy of T/T (Bank Receipt) or Western Union information as proof of payment via email on or fax to: +81-50-3730-0844 / +81-52-351-5542.

4.                Once we receive this information, we will send you a “Confirmation of Payment” by email.

5.                Our Bank details are:

Beneficiary's Name:


Beneficiary's Address:


Account Number:


Bank Name:

The Aichi Bank Ltd.,

Branch Name:

Matsuba-cho Branch




Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment in full in advance

Please confirm your remittance by sending the bank receipt by e-mail or fax


Fax to: +81-50-3730-0844 / +81-52-351-5542

Please DO NOT remit any money until you receive our official invoice raised by us.

 Step 3 – Shipment

Booking shipment and documentation will be arranged by us

1.      Booking the shipment in the first available vessel will be arranged by Movek International Ltd.

2.      Movek will then forward you the "Booking notice" by email as soon as shipping schedule is fixed.

3.      "Notice for Shipment" will be emailed to you, after the departure of the vessel.

4.      The following documentation will be sent to you by DHL/EMS/UPS, before the arrival of the vessel by courier, to you or your nominated agent:

·        Customs Invoice

This invoice is used by your local Customs department to assess the value of your vehicle

·        Bill of Lading

It is required at the port of destination in order to receive your vehicle from the port

·        Other documents

As may be required, depending on your country's regulation

Delivery time to your Region, please see here [<<delivery times>>]

For clients from Mozambique:

Mozambique clients are required to apply for Intertek Inspection in Japan
MOZ Number requirement

Step 4 – Customs clearance

Consult your local clearing agent

Once you receive the documents sent by us, contact your local clearing agent for Customs clearance.

The clearing agent can help you to complete the procedure and give you information on the fees and taxes to be paid in your country.

Step 5 – Receive and Register

Receive and register your car

1.                Receive your car in your country.

2.                Complete registration (and other procedures – as may be required in your country) and drive away!